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NCFR is the premier professional association for understanding families through interdisciplinary research, theory, and practice
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Nov. 20–23, 2019 | Fort Worth, Texas

2019 NCFR Annual Conference

Revisit?NCFR's 2019 conference!?Details about the conference program, featured presenters, and more are still available online.

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NCFR publishes three academic, peer-reviewed journals that feature top research from around the world about families. Current and archived journal content is available online.

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Explore a wealth of articles, syllabi, webinars, and other materials in NCFR's online library.
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Take advantage of the practical tools NCFR offers to help advance your career.
CFLE Certification
The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential, recognized internationally, validates your education and experience as a Family Life Educator.
Degree Programs Guide
A family-related degree from a university or college program could be just the thing to jump start your career. Find the right program for you.
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Search for career opportunities in family-related professions, or post your organization's job openings to put them in front of qualified candidates.
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